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Friday, August 26, 2016

Catch up Part 2 – Kentuckiana

After our visit to the Netherlands we headed west to America. We would land in Louisville with all of our bags, surprisingly. I felt the urge to wander over and greet the Lost Luggage lady just to say hi.
We were greeted warmly by family at the airport as usual and then it was off to get settled in to our new time zone. I should say that jetlag never proved to be a problem, neither traveling to the US nor upon our return (where it is generally more problematic).
feedin' time
The time in southern Indiana was restful and enjoyable. For some reason we escaped most of the intense heat that we usually experience there this time of year. It enabled us to spend much more time out of doors – key especially for the little ones.
Kinaya inspecting her victim cousin after a KO
We’ve traveled there enough that we have developed some enjoyable habitual activities. We feed the chickens and horses, do the bridge walk in Louisville, play at the water park, go to the YMCA and go to the local fair.
the Ohio River

This year we added a couple of things including a boat trip on a lake (for Priya’s mother’s birthday) and a trip to the Speed Museum.
I was told that Louisville has more restaurants per capita than anywhere else in the US. I can’t confirm that this is true but it could very well be. However I would suggest that the girth of some of those I saw on the sidewalks probably unrelated. Kentucky ranks #14 in adult obesity and it’s more likely a result of poor diet. In fact I have been quite impressed by the quality of Louisville’s restaurants since we’ve been visiting the city. The one critique that I have is that the serving sizes are generally excessive. It’s not just the case in Louisville but something we notice around the US.
Overall I’d say that the Louisville area is quite livable. Housing prices are still reasonable. It has four seasons, which I miss (though I’ve only experienced two of them). The city has a lot to offer. I’m not saying we’d ever move there but it is quite a nice place.

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