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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Odds and Ends

I just returned from Rwanda. Long week but good. Lots of meetings. Little sleep. Have to go hard when I’m there since I’m only there about once a month.

getting big
Now back in Burundi quickly turning around and hosting our year-end staff general assembly. It’s basically our countrywide management team – about a hundred in all – that get together for a day of presentations with a reception at the end. I enjoy the event thought it’s a bit tiring after having been away. 

K2 - also getting big
I heard that the US Secretary of the Navy was here a couple weeks ago. I think it was while I was in NY. Sorry I missed that one. He’s apparently a pretty interesting guy. I heard that he was not happy about the fact that he didn’t have the high-level meetings that he anticipated. As I we were discussing, it’s it bit much to ask of a land-locked country in the middle of Africa to prioritize the head of the Navy. He’s important and probably should have been received by the president at least for a courtesy visit but common topics may have been in short supply. “I see you have a lake. Any interest in an aircraft carrier?”

Thursday was Thanksgiving in the US. It came and went basically unnoticed except that I received fewer emails from HQ in NY. For better or worse we recognize only Burundian holidays so no 4th of July or Thanksgiving.

We nonetheless feted the occasion on the weekend - both Friday and Saturday. I think it would be tough for us to host something with all of my travel, an infant and an active toddler. Maybe next year. 
we ddin't starve

On Friday we went to our friends Nick and Beth. Nice evening and Nick had taped a football game that had aired on Thanksgiving in the US. Though I didn't watch it much it made for American ambiance.
pretty skinny lam

On Saturday we were at JJ and Courtney's. This was a much bigger event with loads of Americans, volleyball, a slip and slide and a roasted lamb. Rainy season was good to us and gave us perfect weather after rains in the morning. Two nice occasions with friends to start the holiday season.

dad and Kinaya back there someplace; Kiran less subdued than her counterparts

I recently saw an article on the BBC website talking about how children are less fit than they parents. The study shows that fitness has been on the decline with children since around 1975. The doctors say that the declines in cardiovascular endurance are probably caused by social, behavioral, physical, psycho-social and physiological factors. It’s unfortunate but not entirely surprising. All I can say is, Kiran and Kinaya, mark my words. You’ll never beat me in a race. ; )

"Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought." 
-John F. Kennedy, 35th US president (1917-1963)

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