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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Thelma 'n Louise

Priya and Kiran are in the US leaving me behind to do my work and travel. My darling wife recently sent me this photo of our little one with her cousin Isabelle. My first thought was, “How cute.” That lasted a brief second before my second thought which was more of a sigh. I’m starting to get a glimpse of her future. Here’s how I can see this playing out in twelve or thirteen years.

Cell phone rings (or whatever technology it is at the time). Isabelle calling Kiran. Kiran to Dad, “Can I go to the mall with Bella?”
“It’s may I go to the mall,” I say, stalling, trying to think of something to say besides yes.
“MAY I go to the mall?” Eyes roll.
“Did you finish your homework?” I ask, still stalling.
“I’ll do it when I get back,” she answers using a well-worn teenage line that will still be popular in thirteen years.

Eventually I will cave and off they will speed in Bella’s pink convertible Mustang, gravel spraying the side of the garage (maybe not since it will probably be electric). I then picture the two cute girls being picked up on at the mall by obnoxious boys, Kiran’s father unable to follow them through the mall with his baseball bat as is his custom. I’m going to be hopeless as a father.

Kiran in Bujumbura

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