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Monday, August 20, 2012

Off to the Midwest

I just noticed that it’s been a long time since I updated this blog. It’s one way to get people to stop reading it.
So where was I? Oh, yes. The US. Seems like a very long time ago. The next stop for the Kiran show was southern Indiana.
This leg of the trip was not action-packed. Priya asked what I could possibly blog about. Getting a painful vaccination for Kiran? Buying stuff to bring back to Burundi? Working out at the YMCA? Ok, so this one may be short, keeping in mind that I do this more for my own record than for entertainment.
In addition to the above, we were able to have a look at Henryville, the nearby town that was devastated by the tornado earlier this year. They’ve done a remarkable job putting everything back together, in particular the high school which will be open in time for fall. Nonetheless, you can’t miss the damage to the town. It will be visible for years to come. In addition to a gas station that is completely gone, decapitated trees still litter the landscape. The construction is active all around. I can’t imagine what it must have looked like at the time.
We were able to go through our belongings which were in the demolished storage. Priya’s parents did an amazing job of digging (mostly Priya and her sister’s) stuff out of the mess, in the cold, sorting, drying, etc. It’s quite impressive the condition that the things are in. I was concerned about some carpets that we’d bought in Morocco and sure enough, they’re perfectly fine.
Henryville damage
We also had dinner in Clarksville. Here's an interesting factoid. Louisville and Clarksville are on opposite sides of a river from each other in different states AND I went to school for a couple years where Lewiston and Clarkston are also on opposite sides of a river, each in a different state. Ok, so maybe it’s not that interesting. How about the fact that the Louis and Clark namesakes of this Ohio River pair of cities are neither of the early explorers (even though it was the famous starting point where they met prior to the trek West) but rather key players in the American Revolutionary War - King Louis XVI of France who assisted the US and American General George Rogers Clark? Sorry, that’s all I’ve got.
dinner with the family
Dinner was great and we had a nice view of the Ohio River and the city of Louisville as a backdrop. We ate our fill and then took a walk along the river bordered by beautiful historic homes. I highly recommend it.
Louisville from Clarksville
Another activity that we did was take the kids to a place outside of Louisville called Henry’s Ark. I’m not sure exactly what it is. I suppose it’s a cross between a farm and a zoo. Anyway, I sort of liked the low key atmosphere and the animals looked generally healthy. Hard to tell if they were happy but I thought it was a nice rural setting, not far from massive estates and Kentucky’s famous horse breeding. I enjoyed it.
Kiran petting a freshly shorn alpaca
Otherwise, the trip was a mix of hanging out with family and staying out of the heat. That’s usually the drill when I visit two times per year – avoiding the heat or avoiding the cold. We will soon be looking forward to the latter.
an emu, or a demon-possessed chicken

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