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Saturday, January 14, 2012


One thing I'm finding is that my daughter is taking up a lot of space in my two holiday blogs. I suppose that's natural. She has been a big hit with the family and as for me, I've been getting to spend more time with her than I have been able to prior to the holidays.
Grandma with Kiran in basket
From Indiana we had a relatively quick and easy trip to Idaho. Our bags were much fuller thanks to the generous Christmas and some early baby shopping. The shorter internal US flights seem like a breeze compared to the long international ones and we arrived in Boise ready for round two (round three if you count Minnesota) of the vacation.

We began with a couple days in Boise celebrating our post-Christmas family gathering. It's usually a rather large gathering with lots of food and laughs. No exception this year. We did some photos as well which actually came out quite well.

After Boise we headed north to McCall. It's a ski town that wasn't having a lot of skiing due to lack of snow. I did make it up on a wet opening day with Lisa, Brett, Berkley and Tanner. Weather was crappy but it was good to get out for a ski.
Kiran with dad in McCall
 Then we headed south to Kimberly to hang out with sister CJ, Mom and Dad. Good time as well. Always relaxing but, as usual, way too short. We took a quick trip to Balanced Rock, a favorite of my grandfather's and a place we make a pilgrimage from time to time. It was the first time for Priya and Kiran.

Balance Rock
I also was able to sneak away for some quick skiing. The small mountain of Pomerelle was where I learned to ski. The chairlift takes 10 minutes and the runs take me about 2 minutes but it was fun. It was a sunny wonderful morning and it's just fun to get up on the mountain.

After a couple of days in the Magic Valley, we headed back to Marsing to hang out with Cheryl, Pat, Dara and Regan. First time I'd been to their new place. Very nice. Right on the river. Good view. Quiet. Close to some mountain biking. The weather was so nice that we were able to get out for an off-season ride. And yes, I didn't even need a jacket.

Priya and Kiran in Marsing
Finally the Kiran show was over and we had to board the plane for Africa. After sleeping in three different states and eight different residences we made our way back. Once again no flight troubles and this time the bags made it. Always a surprise.

And now it's back to the tasks at hand. Lots to do. Craziness at work. Jet lag and so much travel is messing with us. Need some order and beloved routine.

“Disorder is simply the order you were not looking for.”  
- Henri Bergson

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