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Monday, December 26, 2011


I’m now in southern Indiana. Tis the Christmas season and time to take a short break from work and from Burundi. Much needed. Very challenging developments at work and I feel weary. Looking forward to time with family.
Priya, Kathy and Kiran

Putting the Mass back in Christmas
So the US has a lot of big people. It doesn’t strike you until you’ve been out of the country for a while and then you find yourself in a shopping mall surrounded by a sea of rotund shoppers. The endless fast food opportunities may have something to do with it.
Christmas at the Satows
In Burundi and traveling about I haven’t been exposed to the holidays. Hadn’t heard a single Christmas song outside our house until we arrived.  Little to no decorations anywhere. We didn’t have time to put up any in our house and we only put on some Christmas music once or twice. It does make it nice when you arrive in the US since it’s not too much. You get a quick, short dose of the holidays and then it’s over.
Kiran and mum
Travel with Baby
This is our first Christmas with a baby. I was a bit nervous about the flights – stops in Kigali, Nairobi and Amsterdam before arriving in Minneapolis. But Kiran was a champ. No problems whatsoever and we had the benefit of bulkhead seating and boarding the plane first. Benefit of having a kid.
It was also nothing like the drama last year where snow caused us to spend the night on the floor of the Amsterdam airport with thousands of other stranded travelers. The thought of that happening with a baby makes me shudder. Fortunately it didn’t happen.
Kiran and dad
After relatively smooth travel, we had a brief stopover in Minnesota to visit our friend Kathy. Our bags didn’t arrive but that’s sort of common, at least with me. I’m actually more surprised when my bags arrive than when they don’t. We did manage to get them transferred so that they arrived with us the following day in Louisville.
Kiran and Grandma
Kiran and Grandpa
Our week in Indiana was wonderful but without a Christmas snow. On the other hand with the new kiddo I suppose milder weather is not a bad thing. She’ll have plenty of time to enjoy snow later. As for activities, much of our time was spent around playing with Kiran though we were able to fit in our routine of last minute Christmas shopping, trips to the gym, the Eve service at the church, lots of yummy meals, etc.
Cousin Isabelle assisting with Kiran's first Christmas gift
It’s now Christmas Day and we just had a big, fantastic dinner. Need to begin packing. More complicated with the little one.  Off to Idaho tomorrow.
Too much Christmas


migisi said...

Too cute!

John Musgrove said...

Hi Rich,

Merry Christmas!!! Have a great time with your parents in Idaho.

I know that this is a little late but: "congratulations on becoming a father."