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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Christmas 2010

Ideally I'd set a goal for myself to update this thing weekly or so. Hasn't happened recently but I'll get back on track. Since the last posting there has obviously been a lot of activity. This isn't a diary so I don't feel the obligation to fill in all the gaps. I will say that the baggage finally arrived in Louisville and that put an end to the travel woes – at least for the time being.
Visiting Kathy in Minneapolis

Visit to glass blowing/art shop in Louisville

Isabelle: Are you talkin' to me?
The time in Indiana with family was just what was needed. With the exception of too much last minute Christmas shopping (gotta change that next year), there was some good relaxation, food and time to catch up with everyone.

The Satow siblings past and present
There was just one little incident involving a frozen pond, a nephew and some guy with poor motor skills. I won't name names but apparently this guy runs up to the pond in a feeble attempt to show the nephew how young he is. The resulting slide was not intended to include any sort of midair launch but that was inadvertently added for some added entertainment value. Anyway, the guy slams into the ice with a graceless thud. Not wanting to show that he had just crushed his ribcage, he gets up and does it again – this time without falling – though the damage was already done. Rumor has it he broke a rib and it would bother him for the next several weeks, long after he returned to Burundi. At least that's what he told me.

The next leg of the snowy adventure began the day after Christmas as we headed to Idaho. There are a couple dozen or so somewhat strange people that participate in our family holiday gathering. It took place in the suburban setting of my sister Lisa's and it never fails to be a good time. The traditional setting has been the semi-remote rustic log home of my other sister Cheryl's family but for the past couple of years we've gone suburban. We'll have to wait a few years before we pick up that tradition again (long story) but being in a city does have its advantages. Regardless of where the festivities happen, the goal is the same. Hang out with family, laugh a lot, eat a lot and open some gifts on the side.

Big snow; small wife in McCall
Much of the mob then headed north to the town of McCall for some winter sports and, of course, more food. My lil' sis and her husband have a condo there which served as the base for playing in the snow. College football served primarily as something to look at on TV while we were eating though there were actually some fun games to watch.

Priya and I were able to get in some downhill skiing though it was a much gentler day on the slopes than is normal for me. Neither of us were in a position to cut up the mountain on black diamond runs and thus cruised along enjoying the views and the fresh air.

View from Bogus (Boise)
Speaking of fresh air, some readers of this blog are located in the tropics and may not have an understanding of what I mean by "fresh". Just as an example, the first morning produced a balmy -19 degrees Celsius (-2 degrees Fahrenheit). We remained in single-digit temperatures the majority of the time we were there. Returning to Boise things warmed up considerably as it neared freezing.

Another killer Pat steak
I was able to sneak in one last ski venture in Boise (Bogus Basin) with Cheryl and my niece Regan. I have to say, the snow was absolutely amazing and the views were spectacular. Hard to capture on my little camera but it really was a great afternoon. Our "guide" Regan somehow drew us into two rib-busting black diamond slopes against her orders but it was nothing that some pain killers during the drive home couldn't handle. Highly worth it.

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Anonymous said...

Good to see that the Crothers are keeping the tradition of "partying" under the guise of Christmas family gatherings going strong!!! Have finally moved to Nagoya but lost your contact details in the process (long computer story)! Drop me a note when you get this....