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Monday, August 23, 2010

Moving Situation

And the farewells begin. Moving is always a bittersweet time. There are gatherings of people that you haven't seen for a while which is nice. You have people who say nice things about you (the ones who wouldn't say nice things likely don't come or remain silent). You also have the recognition that you will be leaving so many people with whom you have spent several years – most you will unlikely ever see again. Everyone goes through this at various times in their lives though I feel like I've gone through this more than most.

Just an idea of some numbers. I have moved out of my residence 15 times in the last 22 years. Of those moves, 6 were to a different country from where I was living – 5 of them to a different continent. If I were to include my college years, it would be even worse since I changed residences every single year.

One would think that I enjoy this sort of thing – the adventure of changing houses, going through my belongings, throwing things out, etc. Nothing could be further from the truth actually. Traveling is one thing. Moving is another. I detest moving. It seems rather to be a consequence of a restless disorder that I have. It's not moving for the sake of moving but shifts in my career that necessitate radical changes in my living situation. I love what I do but I must say that I tolerate the changes. I may be wrong but it seems that if my career allowed it, I (and from our frequent conversations on the subject I suspect Priya as well) would hunker down in a single place, plant trees, get involved in a community, church and so forth. I would have a local pub where people would know my name.

Last dinner with home group
Apparently that desire is not enough to make us alter our careers, or at least not yet. As I said, I very much enjoy what I do. I'm sad to leave Tanzania and the wonderful people I've met here. At the same time I've already met many of my new team in Burundi and I'm very much looking forward to finally joining them. If all goes well we may be able to dig in for a few years. It sounds like it's going to be an interesting and challenging new adventure. It's just that this transition unfortunately requires us to move. So that's how we spent the weekend.

Eustache and family at our farewell party
We did have a nice farewell party at our apartment on Saturday. With most of our lives already in boxes, we at least kept the things on the walls to make the place a bit more welcoming. By Sunday evening, however, our flat looked as though the Grinch had made an appearance as the walls and floors are now bare. It's getting to be time to leave.

Strange pink sun that was invisible to the naked eye


Anonymous said...

May God bless you in your new assignment. If you ever want to see others who have "moved" a bit in their life, come visit my classroom and meet a few of the refugees, here in Boise. I have had both Burundian and Tanzanian students/familes grace the space of my classroom and my life, in addition to other numerous nationalities.
Keep pressin' on!
Julia (Hoyle)Zarbnisky

T Callahan said...

Eustache! And his family!
Glad you got a chance to visit Zanzibar before the move.