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Friday, June 11, 2010

The Art of Recreation

So I'm sitting here at the Amsterdam airport on my way to the US. My vacation and pursuit of recreation has officially started (though unofficially I'm still going through my emails). I actually quite like this place. I've gotten to know it quite well over the years and there are far worse ways to pass the time. AND the first exposure to broadband in six months is not surprisingly refreshing.

Heading away from Africa on the same day that the first World Cup in the continent's history begins is possibly a bit strange. I had at one point entertained the idea of heading down to catch a match or two but it's far more cumbersome and expensive than one might think, even from a country as close as Tanzania (African unity would be a much easier task if it wasn't so crazy expensive and often difficult to travel around the continent). I will be back in time for the final which, in all likelihood, will not involve an African team. Nonetheless, I hope that the African teams play inspired football and at least one of them gets to the quarterfinal.

It's been a particularly challenging six months and I'm very much looking forward to a break. I suppose you don't sign up for this kind of work unless you're up for a nearly constant roller coaster ride. Even so, I've had few professional experiences in my career so far that have created as much stress and insomnia. Now that Priya has left the organization, it will be interesting to see how that changes things. The all-consuming work topics that invade our house will soon be only of interest to one of us. That may encourage us to discuss other things for a change. I'm sure we'll find something else to talk about.

So my brain will need to change gears. I will need to work frequently during the break; there's no way around that. But I will need to disengage and focus on other things. If I don't, I'll be of less use to my staff when I get back. Fortunately for me my family is pretty good at the art of recreation.



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T Callahan said...

I hope vacation was (is?) sweet as sugar. I also hope you have been watching a bit of the World Cup. It has been WONDERFUL.